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Music Maul 1

by Music Maul

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Oilcan Dream 03:21
New Country 02:32
Spooky 00:54
These Folks 02:08
Twinkle 02:46
Silverado 02:58
Huff n Hank 02:44
Ouijah Kids 03:46
Spent it All 03:11
Old Honolu 02:55
Plug me In 02:09
Cluster 02:26
Overblown 03:47
Horsey 02:12
Mr. Ga Ga 02:26
Narcy 03:02


"Knowing that this was recorded in a rambling farmhouse outside of Kingston inhabited by a couple couples of musicians who played us the Danielson Family late one night after a gig helps one get a handle on what's to come. We declined the drugs but felt the feeling, the altered state of freedom in isolation, crickets at the window, and an indiscriminate musical appetite that revels in melody, hooks and the left field. The country twang that flavours most of these tracks is reminiscent of Lambchop because the man-singer's got a full-voiced tenor and the lyrics are equally witty, twisted and sincere. The use of electronic gadgets (like instruments) and in a computerized home studio to create rootsy, hyperactive pop songs makes one think of the Residents and Ween. The instrumental interludes sound like Disney music if Walt had been a Czech surrealist puppeteer and the songs are strong enough to be sung by the campfire with just an acoustic guitar (and maybe a theremin). But Music Maul mastermind Trevor Henderson is in a league of his own with the quirky arrangements and unexpected noise that throw the music just slightly off the beaten track. This is the kind of CD that I'd like to see more of in the pages of Broken Pencil. It's a homemade and personally distributed CD, the aural equivalent of a zine that, as yet, is just passed amongst friends. One guy (and his group of friends) creating in the name of some unexplained, idiosyncratic vision, telling stories in an original and compelling way." (Terence Dick - Broken Pencil)


released January 1, 2001

music maul 1 associates:

trevor henderson -vocals, squeezebox, guitar, keyboards
sticky henderson- vocals: tracks 1,2,4,5,8,9,11,12,13,14,16/
bass: track 5 / keys: tracks 4,14
brent hough- bass: track 7,8,9 / guitar: tracks 2,5/
keys: track 7
dave hodge- drums: track 5 / keys: tracks 10,12
chris smyrnios- drums: tracks 6,9,12,13
camille giroux- drums: tracks 1,2,4,8,14,16
matt dickson- bass: tracks 2,10,16
shawn savoie- bass: tracks 4,12
andré lachaîne- vocals: track 15 / theremin: track 15
dan curtis- guitar: track 14

songs written by trevor henderson
track 7 written by brent hough , and track 15 lyrics by andré




Music Maul Kingston, Ontario

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